Can we all just take a minute to brighten our day with this adorable little family?! Soon to be plus 1! Jordan is such a beautiful, glowing mama – makes me super jealous to be pregnant next to her! The love that they all have for one another just leaps out of the photos and I can only imagine how much that will grow with baby Anthony’s arrival… Anthony blog 4 Anthony blog1 Anthony blog2 Anthony blog5 Anthony blog3

This sweet, adorable little family is just one of my favorites. The Rotundas are a fun and outgoing family. Not only are they great neighbors, they’re awesome friends – kids and adults alike 🙂

Please sit back and let the cuteness ensue…

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I’ve been holding on to a little secret… I am the official photographer for our local lifestyle magazine, Lakeside Living! How amazing is that?! I am so honored to have this opportunity. I get to meet new and interesting people each month and it’s been such a wonderful journey so far! If you’re local to the Lake Norman area and live in the peninsula, keep an eye open for our magazine in your mailbox. It is full of information from school calendars to trash pick up to local business deals/ads.

Information can be found on the facebook page magazine post1 magazine post 2 magazine post 4 magazine post 3 magazine post 5 magazine post 6 magazine post 7 magazine post 8

It was a beautiful, fall day after Thanksgiving. The weather was amazing, the lighting was perfect and so were these two! I mean, how cute are they?! I just love, I mean LOVE, when clients are happy, energetic and themselves around me, and my camera! I’m comfortable, they’re comfortable and we all just have a good time. Especially when love is in the air…

I don’t think there’s anything that could take me back to being a high school student. It just wasn’t for me. But when I hear kids talk about how they love their school, teachers (for the most part!), their peers, their activities and where they’re going to college… I must admit, I get a little jealous. Sort of.

Meet Cameron: Cameron 1 blog Cameron 2 blog

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