I have more photos to share with you from past issues of Lakeside Living. I enjoy each and every photo session, getting to meet new people and learn all about my neighbors! Here are a some photos from issues past


July 2016 – The Smith Family

November 2016 – Sid and Carolyn Smith, Robins Park

December 2016 – Lotta Foundation

Can we just talk about the cuteness overload this family is giving us right now! The Long family graced our October cover last year and melted hearts all over the peninsula…¬†

No matter where we’re headed, I have my camera with me. The park, the bookstore or out for an ice cream I will have it on hand. But, then I get home, rush in and throw the photos onto my ex-hard drive and move on. Forgetting about the memories I just snapped up. Why? I am a photographer after all. Sometimes I feel like maybe I’ve lost my mojo. I did just have a baby. Maybe that’s it! But, wouldn’t that make me want to take more photos?? There’s my iPhone. And Instagram. Quick, convenient and way faster to edit than this old, slow hunk of a computer.

So, here I am, confessing to you and the Universe. I have an ex-hard drive full of unedited photos waiting, dying to be sliced and diced and shown for the world to see.

Whew. Now that’s out of the way, I want to start something new here on the blog. Storytelling Sundays. No words, just pictures. I’ll tell you where the photos were taken, but no paragraphs and witty little sentences. Just letting my photos speak for themselves. They could be last summer, yesterday or 5 years ago (it’s possible!). And, this may not happen every Sunday. But it gets me in front of my computer and behind my lens more! Doing what I love more. Dare I say it… this is starting to sound a lot like a New Year’s resolution… (insert wide eyed emoji here).


Latta Plantation

This little family right here… Talk about adorable, fun, outgoing and huggable! I love it when meeting a family for the first time they greet me with open arms, warm smiles and are being true to themselves. This is called magic my friends and it makes the BEST photo session. Hands down. The Fowler family graced our Lakeside Living Magazine cover for the month of September.



fowlers-7Emily is a part of non-profit organization called Cookies For Kids’ Cancer. Go to their website here and donate, order cookies for Santa or check out where your nearest sale is happening! Who wouldn’t eat a few dozen cookies to kick cancer’s ass… especially for the littles. fowlers-8 fowlers-10 fowlers-18 fowlers-19 fowlers-21