So, that last post… you know the one about all of the trips we took in January. Well, this is the last part of our west coast tour. Cabo, Mexico!! We touched down on a Tuesday and headed home that Friday. Those trips are never long enough, but too long to be away from the babes back home.

For this trip, we weren’t alone. We went with EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) on their president’s retreat which basically took up the entire resort. My husband is (proudly) incoming president of the Charlotte, NC chapter so he’s had plenty of trips with this group. So while he was in seminars all day, I was relaxing and taking advantage of some “alone time”.

When we arrived the sun was on it’s way out and bringing in the rain… the whole time. Fortunately, I was able to join the other spouses on a couple of outings and make new friends while doing it! Our first adventure was to Flora Farms. Right up my alley! I am a firm believer in “farm to table” and with this place you can live at the farm, dine at the farm and play at the farm. SOLD!

Below are some photos from inside shops at the market/restaurant area. Everything was so beautiful and handmade. Seriously, they weld, cut and build all of their furniture and homes. Grow all of their own food and raise their own meat (minus the beef because it’s not sustainable). My husband joked “Oh, they even make their own air!” because I was totally smitten with this place. Har har… if they had told me that, I might have believed them. There were lots of places to shop from handmade little gifts and jewelry to clothing and bath salts. The spa shop was gorgeous and smelled like heaven.

We were able to take a tour of the farm and see all of the beautiful vegetation and some of their crops surrounding the restaurant. They have another farm offsite just down the road where I am sure I could walk around for hours and love every minute of it as well. Our last day in Cabo made it hard to say goodbye. Sunshine and 80º… really? That’s just mean and not very funny! But, the trip was worth every minute.

In this photo, if you look closely you can see a whale breaching! Every day there were at least two that you could see… I definitely didn’t want to leave!

January was a non-stop, anxiety inducing, insane way to start my new year. I like routine/spontaneity, calendars/go with the flow, planned trips/spur of the moment road trips… but good lord! I was on the west coast 3, THREE, times in one month! Whaaaaat…. Definitely not normal for me.

One of those trips was out to Lake Tahoe with our oldest two for a long weekend of skiiing/snowboarding. But, instead of an easy flight there, we had a layover in Phoenix, AZ that lasted us oh… 10+ hours. One that required a rental car, lunch that wasn’t inside the airport, a visit to the zoo and dinner at the Botanical Garden. Let’s just say we made lemonade that day. That 23 hour day. Here are some photos to prove it 🙂

This zoo was pretty great! Their giraffes were close enough you could almost touch them. Beautiful big cats, a monkey interaction room, petting stingrays, a “train” ride around the park, even wild rabbits were everywhere! We definitely had a great time.

These last two photos were taken at the Botanical Garden just next door to the zoo. Food was meh… but the scenery was out of this world! I could definitely go back to Arizona again!!